Video – Interview with mentee Rafael Mitrosz

Video – Interview with mentee Rafael Mitrosz

“I love adventures – and one of the best adventures - so far here in Esbjerg - has been to join the mentoring programme”

In this video Rafael Mitrosz from Aalborg University in Esbjerg tells us about his experience as a mentee in our Student In Business Mentoring Programme v. Education Esbjerg. He is matched with CEO Allan Hundrup from SEACABINN OFSHORE – and through their 1:1 conversations Rafael has become more and more confident about, what he wants to focus on in his future career.

English version. (Danish version below) 

Danish version. 


  • The mentoring programme is developed by Education Esbjerg as a part of the ”Student in Business” (SIBU) initiative.
  • Through networking meetings, interviews, sparring and exchanges of experience, the mentoring programme aims to ensure a smoother transition for the student from studies to working life.
  • The program runs from november to june each year.
  • There will be seven 1:1 conversations between the mentor and mentee. Throughout the programme there will also be three joined events: a kick-off event, a midwayworkshop and a closing event.
  • The programme is for both danish and international students.
  • This year the students (the mentees) comes from SDU, AAU, EASV, FMS og UC SYD.
  • Our mentors comes from the following companies: GLS Denmark, Alpha Aqua A/S, Qubiqa, Ramboll, Semco Maritime, Jansson El A/S, FOGA, Esbjerg Kommune, KVIST, Telesikring A/S, Quantity Digital, Sydvestjysk Sygehus, DSM, SEACABIN OFFSHORE A/S, Sydvestjyske Museer, Multijuice Consultancy, EVR A/S, XPconsult, Landal GreenParks, Ørsted, LEO Pharma, og ADP – Associated Danish Ports A/S.

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Det er fedt at have en mentor

I denne video fortæller Anne Birgitte Pørksen, studerende på SDU, Malthe Schwartz, studerende på Erhvervsakademi SydVest og Ditte Foged Jensen fra Aalborg Universitet om, hvad de får ud af at være mentee i Student In Business (SIBU) Mentorprogram.

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